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The Steel Beaver
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Antler Furniture & Decor
I take pride in each of these quality pieces of art. All of the pieces are truly unique-and one of a kind.  I offer a large selection of pieces all ready to be shipped, but if you are interested in a custom piece, feel free to contact me.

Every lamp tells it's own story.   What will yours say?
Unique in every way!

"I'll work like a beaver
 to satisfy you!"
Welcome to The Steel Beaver
Welcome to Antler Art by The Steel Beaver LLC.  If you love the outdoors, wood, and antlers, then this rustic decor is for you!   

All wood and antler lamps, shelves, and home decor is authentic, meticulously hand-selected, and branded by the artist.  

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When we talk about antlers, we don't just mean sticking them on your wall as a trophy piece. We craft each piece of antler decor to create beautiful lamps, shelves, furniture and home decor. The elegance and rustic appearance makes the perfect centerpiece for any room and a great topic for conversation. It's always a balance when it comes to finding the right antlers to accentuate a room which is why we've created a variety of different pieces made from deer, elk, and moose. Browse our collection today and find the perfect antler decor for your house.