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The Steel Beaver
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About The Steel Beaver
My name is Justin, I'm the owner of the Steel Beaver LLC. I have always loved the outdoors, and I have a passion for wood. My goal is to bring a little taste of them to you. Every piece is different--it has a grain and spirit of it's own. I take great satisfaction in bringing out the unique qualities of each one. I also enjoy hunting, and can never seem to get enough antlers. I think it is so interesting how each antler can be the same, yet different from any other. No two are exactly alike.

My family and I have a great time going "shed" hunting. Deer, Elk, and Moose drop their antlers every year and grow new ones. When we go searching for these dropped antlers,we get to see so many beautiful things as we hike through the wilderness. Be sure to check out our unique antler lamps, furniture, shelves, and home decor.

  Committed to helping our customers share in our love for the great outdoors